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Villa Karmen



The house offers two appartments in the ground floor level that can accommodate up to eight people (six adults and two children). They are the one double room appartment and the two double room appartment.

Apartment 1

Apartment 1 consists of two double room, kitchen and a living room. Modernly equipped.

Apartment 2

Apartment 2 consists of one double room, a kitchen and a living room. Modernly equipped.

Island of Rab

Discover the hidden corners of the paradise island

One of the biggest assets of the island are its beautiful sandy beaches, such as the famous paradise beach, which justifiably bears the name “paradise”. Located next to the crystal clear sea, these beaches provide an ideal environment for relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying numerous water activities.

In addition to the beaches, Rab is also proud of its exceptionally well-preserved old town center, which has been declared a cultural monument. Walking through the stone streets, visitors will discover the island’s rich history, medieval churches, palaces and cultural monuments. The central square, Saint Christopher Square, is surrounded by colorful cafes and restaurants that offer visitors traditional specialties and an authentic experience of local cuisine. In addition, Rab is known for its festival events, such as the Rab Fair, a traditional event that revives the spirit of medieval Rab and offers various exhibitions, concerts and folklore programs that delight visitors every year.